Your faith is unique to you and your church. Every website, design, and experience should be unique too. That’s why we take pride in creating an experience custom for your needs.


Threads of Faith feels blessed to be able to create custom orders for your organization. Because we believe in the power of displaying and wearing your faith proudly, we will work with you to fulfill your custom design vision. Save time on your custom order with direct shipping from our shared warehouse! Customized ordering options means you can be as hands-on, or off, as you please.

There’s no need to worry about inventory, we warehouse your merchandise. There is no need to worry about selection, we have a wide range of products to help grow your custom shop to support your group. We can help you create a custom logo or designs for anything you need from apparel and promotional products to signage and marketing materials.



Find out how we can create a custom online store or app for your church, youth group, or event. We’d love to help grow your audiences faith through high quality products.