Judas Ate Too



Judas is known best for his mistake, his biggest regret, one of the worst betrayals in history. Jesus, from the moment he met Judas knew….He knew what Judas would do. But, Judas was invited to the table, Jesus washed his feet, Jesus prayed for Judas, Jesus fed him the Last Supper.

Jesus shows us the kind of love that would feed the mouth that deceived you.  A love that would wash the treasonous feet of the traitor.  A love that could forgive even the vilest of betrayals.

Even if you fail every day, screw up royally or often feel rejected and guilty… you always have a seat at the table. Jesus is always willing to welcome you in, with open arms, no matter what you have done.

You won’t be rejected, remember,  Judas ate too.





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